Welcome Eldor!

We would like to welcome our new guitarist Eldor Pettersson to the Despite family. Together with Anthony, he is also a member of Frozen Iller“. Even though the shoes of Timmy are hard to fill, we have no doubt that Eldor and his epic mustache will get the job done.

Eldor says:
I’m honored to be among such gifted musicians and to be a part of this uprising project. The band and the people around Despite have been very kind and have welcomed me with open arms. The music suits me like a glove, and the members of Despite suit me even better. They are all… completely insane people. I want to contribute with a heavy load of 8-string bombardment and ”some” facial hair. I can’t wait to get started and I will surely enjoy this ride. Sincerely / Eldor

You will see a lot more of Eldor in the near future and you can now follow him on his official Twitter account. Please make him feel right at home, will you? \m/


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