Pre-orders are up for “Synergi”!

You can now pre-order our new album “Synergi” HERE! When you pre-order you can immediately download the songs “Time Lapse” and “As You Bleed”. On release day July 22, 2016 you’ll be able to download the rest of the album. You can also listen to snippets of all the songs on the album at the respective pre-order stores.

Track listing:
1. Soul = Denied
2. As You Bleed
3. The Perpetual Weakening
4. Triage
5. Time Lapse
6. Chaos Trigger
7. Give me Life
8. Sanctum Falls
9. Synergi
10. Praedonum
11. Unexceptional
12. Square Zero
13. Awakening

Cover artwork:

We are all really stoked for this release, and hope you enjoy the album as much as we do!

/ Despite

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